Nanhi Umang

 Radha Shukla, 38 years old, mother of four  girls from Mahbulla Ganj, Katghar, District-Moradabad along with her husband working hard for the upbringing  of their children by doing tailoring work. On sudden, had complain for fever along with cough which was not getting subside with the basic medicine.  When she got to know about awareness activities on TB by CBCI Card, NGO from New Delhi under Project Axshya, approached Kamlesh, Axshya Mitra for the help. Kamlesh manage for transporting her sputum to nearest Katghar TU, which came positive for which Radha was put on DOTS.  Most of time it was observed that, there is need to take DOTS for 6-8 months, patients leaves it’s  in between which lead to drug resistance. I case of Radha, considering the distance from her house to DOTS center and possibility  that she might drop in between, AxshayMitra ensure that she take medicine regularly with the help of Arvind Chowan, trained RHCP under Project Axshaya who act as DOTS provider too. Today not only she is cured from TB, but also run stitching  center for which manage to get loan from microfinance with the help of  Axshya Mitra to support her husband for the fulfillment of her family day today need  and educate their children.

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