Chalti ka naam Gadhi

NL333During Project Axshya activities, one of the NGO partner found, Dheeraj, 31 years of Male , S/O Murreri Singh, Resident of Sabdalpur ,TB symptomatic who was  referred to TU Tazpur. With clinical examination and sputum investigation, found TB Positive and a stigma attached with the disease, family left him alone to deal with disease.   Dheerja completely  broken down and may be lost his life if Raj Kumar, member of NGO partner and Dr. Samshed, trained RHCP who also act as DOTS provider , not only counsel him to ensure he complete his treatment but all so given him financial support to get second hand auto ( three wheeler  auto) for his livelihood. Today he lives with his family who realize there mistake and earn around Rs.300-400 per day to fulfill his family dreams.


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