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IMG_4841 TB is a 100% preventable and curable disease and yet the statistics  reveal that millions of people continue to be affected and many die of it even today with all the progress and advancement in medical science. This debilitating and incapacitating illness in India and all over the world is often perpetuated by Poverty, ignorance, myth, Social taboos coupled with exploitation of certain private practitioners who treat the case  without revealing the real cause and many drug resistant cases are borne.

United together to make difference in the present status of TB in  India,  CBCI CARD along with Central TB Division  Government of India, Global Fund and many NGOs are committed to build a TB Free India. We are proud to state that through its large network of health facilities, more than 80% of which are in the rural areas the Catholic Health network provide effective, accessible, affordable and low cost healthcare to poor patients in remote areas. CBCI-CARD plays a key role of coordinating activities, advocacy at different levels, resource mobilization, capacity building, documentation and sharing of best practices among partner organizations. By leveraging the strengths of various partners, CBCI-CARD helps in managing resources and achieving higher standards in a more efficient manner.

With its committed and dedicated staff at the grass root level guided and directed by the Central Office, CBCI CARD is committed to make a difference in the lives of millions of people in India who are suffering from tuberculosis. Our hope and dream is to build a TB free India, where everyone enjoys good health and together will be able to live up to the vision, mission and dream of CBCI card and fulfil the United Nations objective of Sustainable Development Goal 2030 leaving no one behind.

May God the Divine healer the source of all goodness  enable us to serve the poor and needy with a great sense of passion, commitment and love to create a just  world filled with peace, harmony and wellness.

Sister Nirmala Mulackal,SCN

Executive Director

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