Supporting TB patients through vocational training For Their Livelihood

Category 2: Public Health Practice


E2. Key affected populations: Behavioural, social, and cultural issues and contexts

Title: Supporting TB patients through vocational training For Their Livelihood

Author: Lawrence Raibole;   Sr. Nirmala Mulackal2;Selma Robert ; Fr.Mathew Perumpil

Institutions- CBCI-CARD

Background Challenges to Implementation


One of the social protection mechanisms for combating poverty and for sustainable social and economic development is vocational education and training. Families of the TB patient usually experience severe economic barriers to Healthcare and other household activities especially if the TB patient is the sole bread earner for the family. These barriers can aggravate economic hardships. The main challenge of TB patient is to earn income while suffering from TB.

Intervention or Response

Tuberculosis patients & their family members had been given free training for livelihood upliftment imparted by Jogni under project Axshya CBCI-CARD with an aim to make the patients & their family members self – dependent on financial ground. These patients belonged to KAP area. The training was given in four trades that are Stitching & Tailoring, Electrician, and Certificate in Computer Application & Driving.


Result & Lessons Learnt

A great impact is seen in all the trainees after vocational training & financial aid initiated by CBCI- CARD.

For example there is a story of Mr. Suneel Prajapati who has done training in driving trade he has also purchased a second hand car and now is earning around eight thousand per month. Like that there are several success stories, the beneficiaries have started earning again & serving their families. The impact of vocational training plays a vital role and changed the life of TB patient.



This vocational training was designed to create skilled manpower that in turn helps in the financial development and freedom of the TB patients and their families. For a TB free world the patients themselves and their families need to be empowered and it can be done through good education and vocational training.

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